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Click to play over 30 Slot Games!Welcome to easy slots.net, your top choice for slots entertainment, information, and advice. We offer free tips on how to better your chances in Vegas, and even online! If you just showed up to grab yourself a satisfying spin on a free slots game, we've got that too, and by all means, spin your heart out!

But more than just free games, easy slots is about making the game simple for you. Yes, I know what you're thinking, slots couldn't really get any easier, but you haven't read the rest of the site yet have you? Some of the tips you pick up here will probably surprise you, as they don't really fit into the realm of common sense. Other things about slot machines you might just not have known before, and a good backpack full of slot machine trivia is one of the easiest ways to make new friends in Las Vegas.

A good slots player knows things a regular fan may not have thought of, things that may help maximize the potential winnings they can receive, and things that might increase the size of casino comp they are capable of getting. Casino comps are a topic all unto themselves, and the term has two very distinct meanings depending on if you are talking about gambling in a land-based casino or at an online casino. We will of course give you some tips on both worlds, because it's all good, and we're pretty sure you want to know.

The casinos are masters of distraction, some would say even better than Sigfried and Roy themselves. On of the finest favors you can do yourself when playing slots either online or at a land-based casino, is to pay attention to what's distracting you. No, I didn't say let it distract you, just pay attention to it so that you know exactly what factors in the environment are playing against you at the current time. Once you've figured this out you will be naturally less susceptible to the true influence of the distractions. For a quick glance at the millions of things casinos might do to try and distract you, read our 'I paid so little attention I spun past my jackpot page', ok maybe we'll just call it 'those tricky casino punks'.

Gambling online can cause panic in the brains of the uninitiated. It usually comes down to the same question, how can I trust an online slots game to be legit. Well, first lets talk a little about what an online slot machine is compared to casino slots, just how this 'random number generator' thing applies to both, and where that leaves us in the mix.

Basically, no matter what your slots fancy we can satisfy your craving. Grab a free game,
learn a new approach, meet some new friends or hook up with some old ones in our chat enabled slots game. If you want more more info, just email us with a suggestion for a new topic to cover, and it won't be a pain, we'll be all over it! Information for all the lovers of slot machines is what we aim to provide.

Also check out our list of Slots Tournaments. They're happening all the time, so there's always an opportunity to win some money.

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